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We Are All Antarctica ~New~

Brain Jewels®



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Our Founder

"Quality is not an act,
    it is a habit." -- Aristotle

"Leilani creates behavioral change through strong intellect, creativity and excellent intuition."

Kathy Lubar, Co-Founder The Ariel Group

"Leilani's rare skill set gives her the ability to be a model through complex and challenging times for others. "

 Dr. Aaron Flickstein, Minneapolis Chiropractor of the Year & Owner of Maximized Wellness

"Leilani's a gift and a joy to the world."

David Hall-Professional Actor, Science Innovator and Facilitator/Executive Coach 

"Leilani is definitely a rising star in the field of OD"

Dudley Lynch, Founder of Brain Technologies and award winning Author

"Leilani has keen insight that keeps me focused on what really matters."

Tonia Wright, Manufacturing Executive Lucent Technologies

"Leilani is a joy to work with. She has a brilliant integration of heart and mind."

Brent Snow, Partner 3D Learning,LLC

"Leilani is an outstanding facilitator, mediator and community builder."

Sajit Kabadi, Educational Bridge-builder - Regis Jesuit High School

"You got to sing like you don’t need the money"

"Love like you’ll never get hurt"

"You got to dance like nobody watchin’"

"It’s got to come from the heart if you want it to work."

-Suzanna Clark/Richard Leigh/Guy Clark

Through a multi-sensory approach, Being & Living Enterprises impacts the way organizations create, lead, and grow quantum performance.   We enable organizations to create their optimal future and keep you on the frontier of transformation. Our belief is that work and play are mirrors for the human spirit.  The more meaning and spirit of play involved, the greater the gains in performance. 

We use current brain research to learn how to integrate intention and action to embody change. You develop new patterns to enhance contribution and collective imagination. This gain in spontaneous learning for the entire system fosters change quickly. We begin the conversation with the dynamics of workplace balance to thrive in the new economy.

Products and Services

Brain Jewels® – Health, Wellness and Work/Life Balance
Brain Jewels®
is a wholistic approach to looking at patterns that help and hinder an individual or a collective.  We use rich, visual images to enlighten and entertain. Art prints and jewelry offered to remind you of your experience. 

We are All Antarctica: Connecting Our Past, Present and Future Antarctica is a metaphor for the mystery of life. The more we find, the less we know. We make choices that serve ourselves and humanity toward stagnation or forward movement. Our Founder, Leilani Henry speaks and writes about the need for us to have better connection between our inner landscape and the outer environment to gain balance for the common good. The environment will take care of us, if we stay aware of optimal ways to build a positive relationship with self, others and community. Antarctica is a metaphor for the mystery of life. The more we find, the less we know. We make choices that serve ourselves and humanity toward stagnation or forward movement.

Book Leilani Henry for Speaking Engagements.

Sample Topics

  • We are All Antarctica (teamwork and communication)
  • Lead Your Ship (leadership and personal responsibility)
  • Aloha Antarctica! (adventure and risking)

Watch for her new book on Antarctica and her father’s story, in 2015.
Contact us to support the multimedia project.

Customized Learning Experiences
We focus on collective and individual learning experiences that leverages strengths and activates possibility. Our facilitation bridges traditional and cutting edge organizational development processes with an engaging mixture of involvement, customized for each group.

Sample Workshop Descriptions

  • Organizational Development includes research, design, strategy development, facilitation, ideation, leadership and team development.  Each process is customized to take your organization onward and forward, appreciating what is working, while creating optimal effectiveness.

  • Leadership Development

    A dynamic approach to organizational and individual coaching using a variety of movement based metaphors and approaches including Educational Kinesiology.  Blinders are gently removed to envision possibilities and pathways are created to identify and respond to emerging futures. New skills are developed to perceive patterns out of chaos, releasing the energy and information needed to sustain positive change, through ever-evolving conditions.

    Leadership Vitality: Creating Healthy Organizations

    Leadership Vitality is the key to creating healthy organizations that step into the unknown with resilience and conscious awareness.  These organizations foster the interface between individual uniqueness and collective brilliance.       

    Review our Leadership Vitality Checkup.

  • Conference Design and Facilitation National Playback Theater, Creative Catalyst and much more.

National Playback Theater is a virtual ensemble of improvisational actors from different parts of the U.S.A. that demonstrates and facilitates capacity for creativity, spontaneity and story telling. We play back real life emotions and stories elicited from participants, in the moment. Boundaries and conflicts are dissolved, trust is built and new learning is created to travel uncharted terrain, without fear. Click here for more information.

We also play the role of Creative Catalyst to enliven your conference design to accelerate retention and interaction.  This includes everything from helping you plan a participative design to including exercises that energize groups, as well as providing opening and closing events.  Invention is the key to working smarter!


Client List Includes:

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  • The Ariel Group
  • EPA
  • Everyday Democracy
  • Intuit
  • Metro Volunteers - Denver
  • NCDD
  • Regis University
  • Rockefeller Companies
  • Seagate
  • Thrivable, Inc.
  • Time Warner
  • University of Colorado-Boulder and Denver

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