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"Quality is not an act,
    it is a habit." -- Aristotle

"Leilani creates behavioral change through strong intellect, creativity and excellent intuition."

Kathy Lubar, Co-Founder The Ariel Group

"Leilani's rare skill set gives her the ability to be a model through complex and challenging times for others. "

 Dr. Aaron Flickstein, Minneapolis Chiropractor of the Year & Owner of Maximized Wellness

"Leilani's a gift and a joy to the world."

David Hall-Professional Actor, Science Innovator and Facilitator/Executive Coach 

"Leilani is definitely a rising star in the field of OD"

Dudley Lynch, Founder of Brain Technologies and award winning Author

"Leilani has keen insight that keeps me focused on what really matters."

Tonia Wright, Manufacturing Executive Lucent Technologies

"Leilani is a joy to work with. She has a brilliant integration of heart and mind."

Brent Snow, Partner 3D Learning,LLC

"Leilani is an outstanding facilitator, mediator and community builder."

Sajit Kabadi, Educational Bridge-builder - Regis Jesuit High School




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Educational Kinesiology Coaching 

The rapid rate of change in our complex society forces us, as individuals and organizations, to constantly confront our ability to learn and relearn.  If we are truly to take advantage of the choices available, we must be able to alter previously learned behaviors, which are no longer useful. 

Through work with learning-impaired school children, a powerful technology has been developed called Educational Kinesiology or Edu-K.  Edu-K is now used internationally by people and organizations to create definite, positive change.  It is a practical and dynamic system that uses simple body movements to integrate the functions of the brain.  When movement originates from whole brain balance, the body's natural healing mechanisms are revitalized which restores health and harmony to the entire system. 

Edu-K has enabled thousands of people to improve learning abilities such as, comprehension, memory, coordination; relationships; stress; phobias; trauma related disorders and depression.  Edu-K may be combined with other work done by health professionals and educational consultants for chronic health, emotional problems and learning disabilities. 

Edu-K is outcome or goal oriented with the goal chosen by the individual or group.  An Edu-K "balance" creates immediate and lasting changes by actually building new bridges and pathways within the brain and body.  This is accomplished through combinations of body/eye movements, vision training, Touch for Health, acupressure procedures, emotional release processes, affirmations and an evaluation of a person or group's current life behaviors, practices and norms. 

Dr. Paul Dennison, Education Ph.D., University of Southern California, created new tools for every aspect of learning by integrating techniques and information from the fields of optometry, brain research, applied kinesiology, neurolinguistic programming, motor development, psychology, acupuncture and language development.  Edu-K is an excellent tool for learning and optimal functioning.  Through the use of Brain Gym® movements, all parts of the brain "switch on" and work together to improve all skills and abilities.                             

The use of one hemisphere of the brain at a time is known as one-sided processing.  The use of both hemispheres in a whole-brain manner is known as cross lateral processing.  Research shows a high correlation in the relationship between one-sided processing and children who have learning disabilities or who are incarcerated.  Because Edu-K supports cross lateral processing and is an effective tool for overcoming stress, significant improvements in thinking, behavior and academic skills are possible through implementation of an Edu-K program. 

An Edu-K "balance" is a five-step process that teaches individuals how to use the most effective Brain Gym® activities to help them achieve a specific outcome.  Edu-K movements create immediate and lasting changes by building neurological connections within the brain and body that may have been neglected or arrested at an early stage of development.  Thus, an individual or group's learning abilities reach a more natural state of balance where learning becomes faster, easier and less stressful. 

Other Benefits include: 

  • Encourages responsible choice making

  • Expanded creativity and communication

  • Increased capacity for learning

  • Improved concentration and memory

  • Performance acceleration

  • Positive shifts in attitude

  • Reduced stress

  • Supports confidence and self esteem

The effects of "balance" work will deepen and generalize as participants continue to use Edu-K.  New possibilities, new experiences, new meaning and new levels of satisfaction are experienced. 

Sessions and classes available for individuals, couples, families, teams/groups and organizations focusing on personal or professional outcomes.

Leilani Henry is a licensed Educational Kinesiology Practitioner and Brain Gym, Instructor.

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