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"Quality is not an act,
    it is a habit." -- Aristotle

"Leilani creates behavioral change through strong intellect, creativity and excellent intuition."

Kathy Lubar, Co-Founder The Ariel Group

"Leilani's rare skill set gives her the ability to be a model through complex and challenging times for others. "

 Dr. Aaron Flickstein, Minneapolis Chiropractor of the Year & Owner of Maximized Wellness

"Leilani's a gift and a joy to the world."

David Hall-Professional Actor, Science Innovator and Facilitator/Executive Coach 

"Leilani is definitely a rising star in the field of OD"

Dudley Lynch, Founder of Brain Technologies and award winning Author

"Leilani has keen insight that keeps me focused on what really matters."

Tonia Wright, Manufacturing Executive Lucent Technologies

"Leilani is a joy to work with. She has a brilliant integration of heart and mind."

Brent Snow, Partner 3D Learning,LLC

"Leilani is an outstanding facilitator, mediator and community builder."

Sajit Kabadi, Educational Bridge-builder - Regis Jesuit High School

  Dialog demonstrates our capacity for limitless possibility to make a difference.  This process for dialogue explores the uniqueness in individuals, as well as, our comfort level with difference to enhance inclusion, flexibility and openness to create an environment of equitable participation.   

Multiversity Dialog enables participation of the whole system through dialogue and brings to light the gifts of differences in experience, feelings, mindset,  ability, learning styles, talents, culture, gender, sexual preference and race (to name of few!) 

Often those who are not of the status quo are relegated to the fringe of an organization, and sometimes those same people have forgotten how to include themselves, gracefully, so they can be heard. 

The more we are conscious of and value difference, the greater the synergy in the organization.  This leads to an ability and willingness to do things faster, better and smarter.  Creativity shows up at the least expected moment, from the least expected person or thought process. When we tolerate someone or something that is different from what we expect, new opportunity emerges for the organization and its’ members.    

Multiversity Dialog underscores the unique contribution of all participants and develops the following skills of cultural competency: 

  • Tolerance      Open Mindedness

  • Acceptance

  • Flexibility

  •  Inquiry

  • Surfacing and Challenging Assumptions

  • Deep Listening

  • Reflection

  • Collective Learning

The combination of dialog skills with the process of dialog ensures that all voices are heard and collective learning is magnified.  Multiversity Dialog includes a multidimensional, multi-sensory approach to dialog –engaging all learning styles at the level of body, mind and spirit.  Refer to Conversations That Matter for description of dialog skills. 

Multiversity Dialog Benefits: 

  • Assessing organization capacity for difference

  •  Acknowledging and appreciating differences

  •  Better connection between all levels of employees

  • Enhanced capacity to think creatively together

  • More positive energy and approach to learning

  • Heightened awareness of successes and breakdowns regarding diversity

  •  Improved participation of marginalized voices

  • Grow in authentic relationships and team effectiveness

  • Increased innovation, revenues and productivity

Based on experience and current research, here are some assumptions embedded in Multiversity Dialog: 

  1.  Collective transformation includes personal transformation

  2. This is a journey, not a program

  3. Leadership is an integral part of this long term process

  4. Creating shared intentions and outcomes is critical

  5. Working with the whole human being and the whole system is essential for significant, meaningful change

  6. Appreciative Inquiry (building on the positive) is central to our success

Measurements of Success

  • Quality of resonance among the group

  • Increase ability to sustain accomplishments

  • Enhanced relationships

  • Ability to resolve conflict, faster and easier

  •  Greater understanding of points of view

  • Increased skill among the participants or facilitators to lead

Multiversity Dialog Topics Include: 

  • Race, Ethnicity and Culture

  • Technology & Humanity

  • Creativity & Performance

  • Work & Career

  • Community & Global Sustainability

  • Leadership & Governance

  • Health, Wellness & Ability

  • Relationship

  • Family & Legacy

  • Gender, Sexuality & Lifestyle

  •  Religion, Spirituality & Consciousness

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